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DNA Stool Analysis by Quantitative PCR

In the last few decades, DNA analysis has transformed the field of microbiology. Almost all research of microbes utilizes DNA methodology. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has followed suit with initiatives including the Human Microbiome Project, which characterized the microbiome of 15 habitats of the body using DNA analysis. The GI-MAP comprehensive stool test was developed to provide practitioners a diagnostic tool that offers unmatched insight into a patient’s unique microbiome. The GI-MAP stool analysis evaluates the DNA of the organisms living within the gut using the most advanced qPCR technology for results you can rely on.

Upon ordering the test, you will be mailed a test kit with everything you need to collect sample. Once sample is collected and mailed with prepaid mailer back to lab, we usually receive results in approximately two weeks. Results will be emailed to you and then you have the opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss results.

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