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Are you wanting to find a trusting Naturopathic Physician that can support you, listen to you and assist in finding the road blocks that are getting in the way of you living your best life?
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What kind of doctor is an ND?

A Naturopathic Physician has been trained in both conventional and natural therapeutics, and begins with honoring that the body contains an inherent ability that promotes healing from within. By addressing the therapeutic order, beginning with removing any obstacles to health, and promoting the body's own ability to heal, while increasing the levels of interventions until the desired effect is achieved. We are able to support health and wellbeing in the modern landscape of illness and disease, empowering people for better health.  To learn more about the Naturopathic profession, check out naturopathic.org

What do Naturopathic Physicians do?

A Naturopathic Physician will listen to the clients unique needs, and address a plan that matches the person's needs. They take the time to look for the root cause of disease in the person, and by releasing the roadblocks to health,  thus promoting a healing response from within.  We use lifestyle recommendations and promote healthy habits, using herbs, nutrients, and specialized detoxification support in order to work together to promote the best health for the individual.

Naturopathic Physicians use a variety of medical labs, pharmaceutical grade supplements, and a variety of other health promoting tools to help the client reach their fullest health.


Are an NMD and ND the same?

ND’s and NMD’s may represent the same professional training, depending on the state laws where the practitioner is licensed. In some states, ND is a mail order degree with no in-person formal medical training. In these states, NMD is used to designate a naturopath who attended an accredited Naturopathic medical college. In other states, like Washington, ND has been a licensed profession since the early 1930’s, and in Washington state,  the title ND can only be used by a physician who has been trained at an accredited program in both natural and pharmaceutical applications and have passed all 15 of the Naturopathic Physician Licensing Exams.

What drugs can Naturopaths prescribe?

This will depend on the state in which they are practicing.  For instance, in Washington state, Naturopathic Physicians have prescription rights to all medications, witht  the exception drugs that are Scheduled for potential abuse (such as opiates, benzodiazepines, etc). Prescription rights are not just used to prescribe, they are also required to help a patient wean off the medicine in question. A common goal of many of the clients we work with, being able to heal through chronic long-standing issues, then comes with the reward of using less medication.

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Here at Consult a Naturopath, we understand that health solutions are important to reclaim our quality of life. With technological advances, we can offer telehealth services to empower people in their health, regardless of their zip code. Unfortunately, we are bound by state licensing laws. As our team grows, we may begin to offer services in your state. If you know of a licensed Naturopathic Physician that may like to join us, and offer telehealth services to your state, please contact us here.

We created ConsultaNaturopath.com with a vision to offer services from Naturopath Physicians and bring access to Naturopathic medicine to individuals all over the state.

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