Special Programs

1.  Membership Program: We find that the best outcomes come with regular check-ins to get a program dialed in for you and to keep you accountable for getting better.  We have created a membership program for this.  When you click on a doctors scheduling options, you can sign up for their membership program. You pay for your first visit (either new patient of follow up for existing patient) at normal price.  After that the following will apply:

  • 1.  You get 10% off all supplements and lab tests as long as you remain an active member
  • 2.  You will be able to schedule one follow-up visit per month with that practitioner.
  • 3.  Your credit card will be charged for $79 on the first of every month.  Cancel any time before the 1st of the month.

To sign up click on any team member below to go to their scheduling page and select a membership program.

2.  Sliding Scale Program – we understand that life can throw unexpected curve balls at us at times which can make it financially difficult to get quality care.  We will give discounted and free visits on a case by case basis.  Reach out to us at info@consultanaturopath.com to inquire about these options.

3.  Donate to Assist others to be able to Access Care:

Jeremiah M Stevens, ND
Pediatrics, Digestion, and Mental Health.
Julia Stevens, ND
Holistic Weight loss, Digestion, Metabolism
Moon J Ho, ND
Depression/Anxiety, IBS, Chronic Pain
Julie Nowak-Stears, NMD
Cancer Support, Chronic Illness, Women's Health
Lisa Price, ND
Complementary Cancer Care, Culinary Nutrition
Reena Singh, ND
Preconception, Fertility, IVF Prep