by Julie Nowak-Stears, NMD

Numerous studies continue to  reaffirm the known benefits of Prayer, Meditation and yoga on the human body.  The overall health benefits from self-initiated and practiced relaxation response techniques are extraordinary.

A great review of recent studies can be found Here.

What I like most about the information gathered from the studies is that one can choose from a variety of relaxation response techniques to achieve benefit.  In a time where we are the busiest and most active it makes sense to build in habits of quiet and reflection to help the body in healing. I teach my patients that we heal when we are relaxed and in a quiet place not when we are stressed and frazzled by the life situations.  We all have life situations the difference is how you perceive them and react to them. These relaxation response techniques can help one to be more observant and in control of their thoughts. The real beauty is that you don’t have to be a master to receive benefits it is the practice that benefits one in their overall health and healing.

More and more community centers, gyms and businesses are offering these classes. Try one and see which suits you best and commit to 3 weeks of daily practice and see how you feel.


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Jeremiah Stevens

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