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Looking for Passionate, Dedicated, and Talented Naturopaths

Consult a was created by a team of Naturopathic Physicians looking for a telelmedicine platform to serve our patients with location independence.  Our vision is to create a community of professionals who can continue to serve our own patients but also have a great referral network of other doctors who specialize in different areas.  We are looking to grow our team and hope that you may be a part of it.

Please click around the website and see the format we created.  Each doctor has their own unique scheduling page that shows their bio, their services offered/prices with the ability to schedule on the website, and a link to their secure video-chat page.  For example go to to see how the personal page is set-up.  You can customize your hours, services, prices, and any specialized consent forms you may need filled out.  When a patient schedules, they are sent all the paperwork to fill out by email including e-sign for consent forms.  The scheduling app syncs with Google calendar so you can use any scheduler that has this capability.

The second element of the website is a do it yourself option for your clients.  This section has  a private label supplement line that is drop-shipped with 2 day shipping to any of your clients within the U.S.  As a team member, you can also order these private label supplements for use in your office with no minimums.  We also have 8 specialized lab tests that your clients can purchase and test results will be sent to you and them via email.

You will receive compensation based on all purchases through the website.  We keep a percentage of sales to cover our expenses.  There is no cost to sign up and we can get your page up and running within a week in most cases.  When signed up we will list you with up to 3 specialties on our team page and you can post videos and blog posts on our site to help to market yourself to new clients.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking to you.  For any questions or to send your C.V. reach out to

Reena Singh, ND
Preconception, Fertility, IVF Prep
Lisa Price, ND
Complementary Cancer Care, Culinary Nutrition
Julie Nowak-Stears, NMD
Cancer Support, Chronic Illness, Women's Health
Moon J Ho, ND
Depression/Anxiety, IBS, Chronic Pain
Julia Stevens, ND
Holistic Weight loss, Digestion, Metabolism
Jeremiah M Stevens, ND
Pediatrics, Digestion, and Mental Health.