A personal message from Drs Jeremiah and Julia Stevens:

We understand that people need quality health care: someone to listen to them, help them put the pieces back together, and empower them to take charge of their own health.  We believe that our modern medical system has failed many people and we see our place as working to fill in the gaps for our patients.  Watching people get well is just as amazing today as when we first started in our single room on 15th St at the Center for Human Development, over ten years ago. We are honored to interact with you and to be involved in your journey toward health.

As many of you know, we have been blessed with four beautiful daughters.  As we sit with the reality that they are not getting younger nor will they be with us forever, we are seeing that we need to make some changes in how we have been practicing to support the wellbeing of our family. Much of these discussions have been accelerated recently with the passing of several people close to us and with the current serious illnesses in several family members.

In this vein, we have decided to take a sabbatical from our brick and mortar clinic.  We have made the decision to close our current location in Liberty Lake next month on September 15, 2017.  This is not a decision that we made lightly, but rather we believe that this will allow us to provide the best quality care for years to come.   We have not, however, lost our passion for what is our calling: sitting with our patients and being a part of their healing journey. In order to continue to serve in this role, we have created a Telemedicine platform, www.consultanaturopath.com.  This website has been in the works for the past year and we have worked with another doctor and a talented web design team to find a great option for us to continue to work with you from wherever we are.

When you first check out Consult a Naturopath, you’ll notice the website has 2 main components.  First, we have created a Do-it-yourself section where people can order and refill their supplements and self-service specialized lab tests.  Over the last year, we’ve partnered with a company that custom formulates for physicians and we love the new formulas we have created.  We have seen great clinical results with the Consult a Naturopath.com line of products and we know you will too.  We are also pleased to offer self-service labs, using our collective expertise we hand selected 4 foundational pillars of investigative testing: allergy testing, hormone analysis, digestive testing, and heavy metal identification tests that Stevens Naturopathic Center has been using in regular practice for more than a decade.  

Second, we have created an option to schedule appointments with your doctor that will occur either through secure video-chat or by telephone visit.  To visit your doctor’s scheduling page you can go to either: www.consultanaturopath.com/drjeremiah or www.consultanaturopath.com/drjulia. We have been trying this with many of our clients over the last few months and find it is a practical way to work together wherever the doctor and client are located. (**New laws in Washington state regarding telemedicine allow us to continue to act as your doctor very similar to how we are able to treat you in office, including ordering lab tests and maintaining your prescriptions.)  This new system will allow you and your loved ones to access quality naturopathic health care from the comfort of your home, wherever that may be.  You can still schedule these types of visits by calling our same number – 509-590-1343 or toll free at 844-590-1343 or by email at info@consultanaturopath.com.  Angelia will continue to assist us with coordinating your care.

If you prefer a local, in-person visit with a natural-minded doctor, we have practitioners in mind, and can give a referral and assist in transferring records, contact Angelia for help in this matter.

Again, we are so grateful for all the trust many of you have put in us over the years.  We are confident that our new format will continue to provide you with the caring, personal service  and expert knowledge for breaking the cycle of illness you have learned to expect with Stevens Naturopathic Center. To encourage you to try our new model, we are offering 10% off all supplements, labs, and visits scheduled on the site until October 31.  

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This new version will ensure that we are able to continue serving you for many years to come, while ensuring that our family life is kept healthy.  We are taking on home based schooling for our children and travelling more to expose them to new cultures as well as spend time with extended family members who will not be with us forever.  Thank you for your support as we are excited for this new chapter in our journey to serve.


In Health,


Dr. Jeremiah Stevens                                               Dr. Julia Stevens


Jeremiah Stevens

Dr Jeremiah M Stevens is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and co-founder of Consult A Naturopath.com. For more information or to schedule go to https://consultanaturopath.com/drjeremiah.