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Consult A Naturopath is here to help you achieve your health care goals. Whether that is by using our self-service protocols or do-it-yourself functional lab tests or having a video-chat with a licensed Naturopathic Physician, we are here to support you in your healing journey. We are a group of doctors who are experienced and knowledgeable and are passionate about seeing our clients get well as quickly as possible.
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    Self Service
    We offer do-it-yourself protocols including specialty lab testing, diet/lifestyle plans, and pharmaceutical grade supplements for those that want to improve health on their own.
    Connect by video chat or phone with one of our licensed Naturopathic Physicians to come up with a more personalized plan to achieve your health care goals even during your busy life.

    Who We Are

    Meet our team

    We have personally selected licensed Naturopathic physicians who are knowledgeable, talented, and known for their caring and kindness in working with clients. Our aim is to help each of our clients achieve their optimal well-being so that they can fully become the person they are supposed to be. Each doctor will bring different experiences and skills to their patients, and we enjoy working in collaboration with each other to find the best solution for each person’s needs.
    Jeremiah M Stevens, ND
    Pediatrics, Digestion, and Mental Health.
    Julia Stevens, ND
    Holistic Weight loss, Digestion, Metabolism
    Moon J Ho, ND
    Depression/Anxiety, IBS, Chronic Pain
    Julie Nowak-Stears, NMD
    Cancer Support, Chronic Illness, Women's Health
    Lisa Price, ND
    Complementary Cancer Care, Culinary Nutrition
    Reena Singh, ND
    Preconception, Fertility, IVF Prep


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