Each of us has a story about what our health state is.  We all come to our current place in life with the weight of our past experiences, our present perceived reality, and our future expectations.  Our health story can be very complicated. How we view our personal health and well-being changes day to day and year to year. A person who sees themselves as healthy today may have their story change quickly by a new diagnosis or a new unexplained symptom.  Someone who has been sick for a long time may have a hard time accepting that their body is finally healing and begins looking for something else to go wrong.

Our past upbringing dramatically colors our stories.  We inherit some of our ideas about health and illness from our parents. We have our story influenced by watching other people go through illnesses and their experiences with being sick and different treatments.  We also have our own personal journeys with being healthy and being sick. 

Our health story is never static and we can find ways to change it.  No matter what you are going through there are ways to influence your story for the better.   Working with a Naturopathic doctor can help explore what your health story is and what we can do to improve it. While we can never guarantee cure, we can guarantee that we can find things to help.  Even someone with a terminal diagnosis, of which we have worked with many, there are ways we can still work to frame our health story for the better. We have seen people with terrible illnesses and dramatic suffering come to peace and die surrounded by loved ones.  We have also seen people with relatively minor ailments become debilitated by them and withdrawal into a place of despair, suffering, and isolation. It is never the diagnosis that determines the outcome – but rather how we approach that diagnosis, how we view our current symptoms and our belief about the future  that really determines how we will be with our health. And that is our true Health Story.

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