Want to know what your microbiome looks like?   We are please to now begin offering GI Map testing. Dr. Julia has been using this test in her office practice to explore the last frontier in terms of human health. 

The GI MAP test looks at bacteria DNA in our stool to map out our own microbiome.  Dr Julia describes the microbiome as the last frontier, where the ´inner garden´ can help or hinder your overall health.  Beyond our genetics is our own personal microbiome. The microbiome is all the microscopic organisms in and around our body – including bacteria, parasites, and yeast strains in our digestive tract. 

Using a GI Map, you are able to identify your specific ‘plants’ that are in your ‘garden’ can be used as a screening tool, as well as a treatment guide. Our microbiome represents 80% of the life within “us”, our human cells make up less than 20%.  When looking at healing, it’s important to uncover and evaluate the health of your inner garden to truly break the cycle of disease.

To learn more or to order the test kit to be mailed to you go to https://consultanaturopath.com/do-it-yourself/nutritional-support/lab-tests/gi-map/

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