Naturopathic Doctor Licensed in Arizona

Dr. Julie Nowak-Stears has been in practice for over 15 years.  She graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 after receiving her undergraduate degree as a Community Health Educator.  Dr. Julie is well grounded in values of education and lifestyle modification to support one’s overall health and is passionate about helping her patients achieve their best health possible.

Dr. Julie enjoys working with patients at any stage of their healing journey to transform their health using multiple modalities of healing.  She has several years of experience working with individuals diagnosed with cancer. Often, people facing this diagnosis can be overwhelmed and frightened and would benefit from a collaborative approach with the mainstream options being offered. Whether one is preparing to use conventional therapies of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and/ or radiation or wanting a different approach, she is ready to listen and create with the patient a holistic treatment plan that integrates the patient’s personal beliefs and current health. Her lifelong interest and study of botanical medicine can be included in the patient’s individual plan and may help in reducing side effects while aiding the therapeutic effect of one’s conventional therapy. She understands when facing this serious diagnosis that a health team is ideal for healing. She is ready to be part of your health care team.

Dr. Julie’s goals when working with a patient are first to listen, gather information to help with clinical understanding, and to then work with the patient to create a multi-pronged wellness plan that is practical to follow through with.  Wellness plans vary from patient to patient but generally consist of therapeutic nutritional support, botanical medicine, homeopathy and mind body techniques to help correct and support the body in its healing process.

Dr. Julie welcomes the opportunity to work with you and help you reach your best health through naturopathy so you can enjoy and live your best life.

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