Dr Julia Stevens has opened a new office on Stevens St (fitting isn´t it?) in downtown Spokane.  She has joined a great group of independent practitioners in the Spokane Healing Arts building at169 S Stevens St Suite 101

After stepping back 5 years ago, with the birth of her fourth daughter, Dr Julia is excited to have a space to see clients in person and be able to offer Craniosacral services again.

Dr. Julia believes in empowering humans to create health.  “I’ve always loved working with my hands; to feel where the restriction pattern is being held in the body from trauma, and to watch the person release and improve is awe inspiring. And muscle testing was a tool that in my past really helped me; to get to the root of someone issues in a safe and quick manner is empowering both as a patient, but also as a professional. When you feel like you’ve been searching in the dark, it gives you a place to begin seeing real results. 

¨We all have times in our life where we are searching for health answers. It’s something we share as human beings. My experience brought me to wanting to know how to help people heal. I believe we are at a fundamental shift in medicine, where personalized care is going to be the new standard. Flat Earth medicine is simply disease focused. And Round Earth Medicine is aware of the disease, and broadens the view to be aware of the patient as well. I am honored to be part of a movement of practitioners all over the world, that understand the power that makes the body, heals the body, there is no other way.” 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, go to www.ConsultANaturopath.com/drjulia