Meet our Team

Consult A was created so that people anywhere in the world can access quality naturopathic care from the comfort of their home.  You can select video chat visits through a secure portal managed by which was designed for Telemedicine visits or phone visits.

All of our doctors have graduated from 4 year Naturopathic medical schools recognized by the U.S Department of Education, completed thousands of hours of clinical training, and have passed rigorous 4 day long board examinations. Each of our doctors hold an active license in a state that recognizes Naturopathic medicine and carry full malpractice insurance. In order to maintain an active license at least 20 hours of continuing education must be done every year to stay current. Our members are active in state and national associations supporting the continuation of naturopathic medicine and are working toward access to natural medicine for all areas of the country and the world.

We have personally selected Naturopathic physicians who are knowledgeable, talented, and known for their caring and kindness in working with clients. Our aim is to help each of our clients achieve their optimal well-being so that they can fully become the person they are supposed to be. Each doctor will bring different experiences and skills to their patients, and we enjoy working in collaboration with each other to find the best solution for each person’s needs.

Click on a Doctor’s Name Below to go to their individual scheduling page.  Note: If you reside in the same state as a Naturopathic Physician is licensed, he or she will be able to provide full naturopathic medical care to the extent of licensing and telemedicine laws.  If you are located in a different state than the licensed state, your doctor will only be able to provide Natural Health Consultations.

Jeremiah M Stevens, ND
Pediatrics, Digestion, and Mental Health.
Julia Stevens, ND
Holistic Weight loss, Digestion, Metabolism
Moon J Ho, ND
Depression/Anxiety, IBS, Chronic Pain
Julie Nowak-Stears, NMD
Cancer Support, Chronic Illness, Women's Health
Lisa Price, ND
Complementary Cancer Care, Culinary Nutrition
Reena Singh, ND
Preconception, Fertility, IVF Prep