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What to expect when ordering medical labs

Step 1.

You will receive a confirmation email of your order.

Step 2.

The test kits will be shipped to the address which you specified. This may take up to 5 business days to arrive.

Step 3.

Complete the home instructions for sample collection. And return directly to the lab, using the prepaid postal slip. 

Step 4.

The lab will process your results, and send results to your doctor specified during the checkout process. We will review the results and send them to your email that was given when you checked out.

Step 5.

You have the choice to schedule a telehealth consult to discuss the specifics of the results with your personal health situation.

We support people leading their own care, and we are also here to help when you are looking for personalized telehealth guidance.

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Honestly, I couldn’t put them in higher regard. They will help you find answers to your problems.

Rachel 26

The doctors are great people that have really helped my family through a comprehensive natural approach. I refer all my friends and family.

Susan 36 – Spokane, WA

They listen and recognize other experts in the medical community. They work hard to resolve health problems and deficiencies.

Jason – Ventura, Ca

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