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Announcing Membership Program

We wanted to thank everyone who gave us positive feedback and for their understanding in the week since we announced our decision to transition to an online business model for our clients.  We are grateful for all of the trust that our patients have put in us over the years and for those continuing to […]
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Introducing www.consultanaturopath.com

A personal message from Drs Jeremiah and Julia Stevens: We understand that people need quality health care: someone to listen to them, help them put the pieces back together, and empower them to take charge of their own health.  We believe that our modern medical system has failed many people and we see our place […]
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My Healing Philosophy

A teenage patient asked me once, “So what is different about coming to you guys over my “regular doctor.” I used my stock answer (which usually gets a laugh in teenagers, no small feat), “The main difference is that we use bigger needles on our patients.”   But all jokes aside, I felt this was a very good and […]
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Identifying and Managing Food Allergies

A discussion about what we can do to help find out what foods could be affecting our kids and what to do about it.
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Healing Our Child’s Digestive Tracts and Overcoming Food Allergies

A discussion on how to use GAPS diet principles to help heal our children’s guts to improve many health problems including food allergies.
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