We wanted to thank everyone who gave us positive feedback and for their understanding in the week since we announced our decision to transition to an online business model for our clients.  We are grateful for all of the trust that our patients have put in us over the years and for those continuing to place their trust in us as we make this transition.

Membership Program

We wanted to announce a new program for our patients to access our care through our new telemedicine platform at a significant savings.  We have created a membership program for our patients.  How it work is you schedule and pay for your first visit (either a new patient or follow-up for existing patients) through the online scheduling pages for the doctor you want to schedule with.  Go to:

When you select a visit type, make sure to choose the membership program.  When you sign up you will get the following benefits.

  • 1 follow-up visit per month – follow up visits can be scheduled through any doctor in our team

  • 10% discount on all supplements ordered through website or through our office (can continue to order by phone or email as well)

  • 10% discount off of all labs ordered through website

  • For families – we will honor that follow up visits can be used for any family member – i.e. you have a 25 minute visit during month to use for any member of your family

  • The discounts of this program can be used in conjunction with theGrandopening10 coupon code that we announced last week which is good for all scheduled services, labs, and supplements throughOctober 31, 2017.   These two coupons will allow for 20% off for the next 2 months!

The price of the membership program is $79 per month charged on your card on the first of the month.  Cancel anytime before the 1st to stop your membership.

For a limited time, we are offering 50% off for anyone wanting to join membership program.  Use the coupon code Newmember when scheduling a New client-Membership or Existing patient-Membership visit on the scheduling page.  Hurry as offer expires September 15, 2017.  If you need any assistance please email info@consultanaturopath.com or call office at 509-590-1343.

Other Doctors on Team

A few patients asked about the other doctor on our team, Emily Dashiell, ND.  Dr Emily is a very talented naturopathic physician that we have known and worked with for many years.  She currently practices in Santa Monica and Ventura, Ca.  She is looking to be joining the ConsultaNaturopath.com team in the next few months.  She will be available for scheduling soon and has specialty in family practice, especially with a focus on women’s health.  Continue to watch this newsletter for updates on when she is starting.

We are also looking to grow our team with other qualified and caring Naturopathic Physicians.  If you are interested in joining our team, reach out to Dr Jeremiah at drjeremiah@consultanaturopath.com .  We are excited to grow and offer more quality options for our patients.  Stay tuned to hear about new doctors as we grow.  

In Health,

Dr. Jeremiah Stevens                                               Dr. Julia Stevens


Jeremiah Stevens

Dr Jeremiah M Stevens is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and co-founder of Consult A Naturopath.com. For more information or to schedule go to https://consultanaturopath.com/drjeremiah.