Welcome to Consult A Naturopath.com

Consult a Naturopath is a collective of Naturopathic physicians who came together to create an online space for our clients to access the same care they receive at our office visits.
About Us

We are a collective of Naturopathic physicians who had a goal to create the opportunity for our clients to be able to access high quality lab tests, nutritional supplements and quality natural health consultations from anywhere in the world.  All of us see/have seen clients in our own offices, but wanted to be able to offer the same quality care to those who are not able to come into our physical locations or just looking to find ways to get healthier from the comfort of their homes.

We have each heard from patients about family members and friends not being able to find quality naturopathic care where they live or patients who want to keep working with their doctor if they moved to another area.  Our vision was to solve these issues in a way that was simple and user friendly.

We also have had interactions with patients who prefer to do their own research about their health and do it themselves.  We wanted to create opportunities for these patients to access physician quality nutritional supplements and self-service specialized lab tests.  We love working with patients one on one, but acknowledge that some people are wanting ways to self-empower their own health care.

Our Mission
The mission of Consult A Naturopath.com is to help our clients achieve whole health restoration. As a collective group of experts, we combine our unique strengths for the benefit of our patients. We seek to empower each individual to achieve his or her full potential to heal.
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