Our vision at Consult a Naturopath.com is to bring together talented Naturopathic Doctors to be able to provide quality care to patients wherever they are located. We are truly grateful when like-minded professionals, who happen to be amazing, share this vision. Esti Johnson, ND (left) and Moon J Ho, ND (right) have joined with us to offer more variety and options for our clients. Keep reading to learn more, or click directly on the links below to schedule a free 15 min. meet and greet. Please share with your friends and family, who are seeking better health. Our dream is that by breaking the cycle of disease we can all live in improved health and each of us achieve our full potential.

Dr. Esti Johnson is a primary care naturopathic physician and has been in private practice since 2012. She currently is licensed in Colorado, where she lives, and in Arizona. She educates patients and motivates them to participate more actively in their health. She combines a blended approach to supporting the mental and physical well-being of her patients. In her practice, she specializes in weight management, hormones, fatigue, and working with patients in chronic pain. You can see her full bio and go to her scheduling page at consultanaturopath.com/drjohnson/

Dr Moon J Ho is a naturopathic doctor licensed in California. In her private practices on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Los Angeles area she has specialized in depression, anxiety, digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, and working with patients with chronic pain. She focuses on the interaction of the mind and body in physical and emotional illnesses – helping clients understand their persistent health issues and helping guide people on a step-by-step program on how to truly resolves their root causes. You can see her full bio and go to her scheduling page at consultanaturopath.com/drmoonnd/


Jeremiah Stevens

Dr Jeremiah M Stevens is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and co-founder of Consult A Naturopath.com. For more information or to schedule go to https://consultanaturopath.com/drjeremiah.